Risk Assessment and Risk Management

An on-line solution for assessment and selection of at-risk drivers



Key to any successful and cost effective driver-training programme is the primary selection of candidates for the training. If funding is not an issue, then all drivers will benefit from an on-road session – good drivers will become better drivers, and inexperienced or incompetent drivers will be clearly identified and their programme will focus on their individual shortfalls. But..funding is often an issue, and proving the benefits of a training programme before it has been implemented is inevitably a stumbling block when securing funding. However, assessing the risk that each individual driver is at while they are driving on company business can usually provide a clear identification of those who would benefit most from a training programme.

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Universal Driver Training offers a range of on-line tools to help assess this risk. These can enable your organization to gather and manage key “profile” information on your drivers to benchmark against published best practice guides. Nothing can replace the practical benefits of an on-road assessment and training programme, but this is an excellent starting point for identifying those most in need of training and development.

This is based on an analysis of "driver competence" - Attitude, Knowledge, and Observation and Hazard Perception skills, utilising straightforward on-line profiling exercises that are both pertinent and absorbing.

Perhaps the most interesting factor is that using this on-line profile will readily enable your company to identify the drivers who are most likely to be responsible for your accidents - typically 20% of your drivers will be responsible for 80% of your accident costs, and therefore those most in need of training and on-going support. This can allow the probable financial savings to be compared profitably with the training costs and thus the case is made.

For a nominal sum, Universal Driver Training can implement these profiling tools, manage the results and work with your company to assess the training requirements identified. We can then develop and provide on and off-road training, risk analysis and ongoing risk management to whatever level is required.

Please do contact us for more information or click on the link below for a demonstration of the profiling system - the demonstration presents you with 3 questions in each section and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. To access the demo you will need to enter a Username - UDTDEMO and a Password - UDTDRIVER. you will be asked to complete a few details which will not be stored, and you will receive a sample assessment at the end.

If you would like a trial login for a full assessment, which comprises 12 questions in each section and takes around 20-25 minutes, please contact us!

On-Line Assessment Demonstration