Universal Driver Training is a Lantra Corporate Training Provider, and as such we can offer vehicle related courses delivered and certificated to the universally recognised Lantra Awards standard.

We offer the following courses, all Lantra Awards certificated:

* Lantra Professional Off-Road Course (2 Days)
* Lantra Recreational Off-Road Course (1 Day)
* Trailer-Towing
* Winching

What benefit is there to obtaining a Lantra Award?


  • Lantra Awards is a nationally recognised Awarding Body approved to develop and accredit Qualifications such as NVQ/SVQ and VRQ by Ofqual and SQA the Regulatory Bodies of qualifications.
  • Lantra Awards offer national qualifications in a range of subject areas, as well as Technical Awards and Customised provision to accredit in-house training.  
  • Lantra Awards have operated for more than 30 years and as a Lantra Corporate Training Provider, Universal Driver Training is in an ideal position to work with Lantra Awards throughout the UK. We have 12 off-road sites and additional manoeuvring areas for trailer towing available to ensure that personnel working in vehicle based environments are trained in appropriate surroundings.

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