If you are a qualified driver and really want to improve your standard of driving, perhaps obtain a further qualification, then we can help you with a range of courses which will meet your objectives.

We can deliver one day Defensive Driving courses for up to three people (a family group perhaps) which will deliver the basics of Defensive Driving, or for the driver who takes their driving skill very seriously, we can deliver 1:1 training with the opportunity to take the DIAmond Advanced Driving Test. The courses will be tailored to your own skill level and to your own expectations, so no frights or scares.

The format of the course is simple and uncomplicated - the objective is to make you a better, safer driver with improved hazard awareness greater anticipation and above all greater defensive driving skills - how far you want to progress is up to you but if you haven't had a day's training since you passed your test, there is no doubt that you will benefit from our Defensive Driver course.

Please contact us for further details and costs- oh and we take most credit or debit cards.....

our Defensive Driving course would make an excellent gift for a new or nervous driver as well.........



4x4 vehicles are driven by all sorts of people these days - no longer the preserve of the mountains and the deserts, they abound in the UK and the pity is that most drivers have little or no experience of the techniques of driving such a vehicle in an off-road situation. Even crossing a field, or passing though a simple ford can have their own real and very present dangers - tragedies in these circumstances have been well documented in the Press of late.

4x4 training doesn't have to be up mountains and down dales, so we can offer you a range of courses to cover all types of driving - these include

Driving your 4x4 On-road
Grass, Gravel and Water for Recreational Drivers
Advanced Off-Road Driving for Recreational Drivers

and if your understanding of gear ratios and differentials are all in a muddle - we will un-muddle them!

The one-day courses are for up to 3 people in a family group, or for 1 or 2 people for the more advanced driver

Please contact us for more details and site locations - we accept most credit cards.