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Driving is a practical task and it seems logical that a driver can only be accurately be assessed when they are actually performing the driving task - those of you who have played the WII, PlayStation or PS2 golfing or football games wouldn't assume you could go out and get a hole in one or score a hat trick just by playing the game on the screen without the environmental (and skill!) factors included - so although hazard perception and awareness etc are an intrinsic part of any on-line driving assessment, it can't include the practical aspects of changing gear, steering, mirrors or the environmental factors of traffic conditions and weather such as you would encounter driving your every day vehicle.

We offer unique in-car assessment services - we can allocate an assessor to your company and they will perform an in-car assessment for up to five drivers per day per assessor.

We would complete a manual assessment with each driver, followed by an assessment drive, then based on industry standard competency levels, we would report back with a risk factor of high, medium or low and any recommendations for training for each driver which could be considered by the company.

We can combine this with classroom sessions covering specific topics - use of speed, security, economy for example  - we will endeavour to match our offering to your requirement

Simple, effective and particularly suitable for fleets where access to a computer is difficult, or the computer experience of the driver is limited.

Contact us and we can devise a suitable programme for you and your company.